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Custom market sizing and forecasting services

Consainsights offers Market Sizing and Forecasting Services tailored to your business needs. Our analysts use proven methodologies and robust data to size and segment your target market, identify drivers, and uncover opportunities. With deep industry specialization, we provide global sizing, regional forecasting, niche segmentation, and custom data cuts. Our deliverables include data, analysis, visualizations, and expert guidance, empowering you to seize opportunities and drive growth. Trusted by market leaders for mission-critical intelligence.

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Industry Reports

Empower Your Business Decisions with Our Market Report Forecasting Services

Actionable Industry-Specific Reports

Don't get lost in generic market data. We provide forecasts tailored to your niche, product, or service. Our expert analysts leverage market trends, competitor analysis, and consumer behavior to deliver actionable insights you can trust. Make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward with confidence.

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Go Beyond Short-Term Trends: Long-Term Forecasting

Short-term market fluctuations can be noisy. Our advanced forecasting models incorporate historical data, industry trends, and potential disruptions to provide long-term outlooks. This enables you to make strategic decisions with confidence, ensuring your business is prepared for future market shifts.

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Customized Strategic Recommendations

Every business is unique, and so are its needs. Our market report forecasting services include personalized strategic recommendations tailored to your specific goals and challenges. Whether you're launching a new product or expanding into new markets, our insights will guide you towards success.

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What is Market Sizing and Forecasting?

Market sizing and forecasting provide insights into a market's current and future revenue potential, customer base, and demand trends. Sizing analyzes the present state, while forecasting uses predictive models to map out how the market could evolve over the coming years. Together, they offer a 360-degree view, helping businesses decide if a market is worth pursuing, where to allocate resources, and how to plan for changing conditions. Market sizing zeroes in on the current market potential, sizing up the total available revenue, customer base, demand levels, and competitive landscape. Forecasting uses economic indicators, consumer trends, and new technologies to predict future market growth, stalls, or shifts. A comprehensive market sizing and forecasting report help identify opportunities, develop strategies, align product roadmaps, optimize capacity, benchmark performance, allocate resources, and pressure-test decision options against different future scenarios. It answers the critical questions: "How big is the opportunity?" and "Where is it headed?"

What data sources and methodologies do we use for market sizing and forecasting?

At Consainsights, we employ a rigorous approach to market sizing and forecasting, leveraging a wide range of premium data sources and methodologies. Our analysts tap into proprietary databases, government statistics, company reports, expert interviews, academic studies, surveys, and social listening. We triangulate and cross-validate data points from multiple streams.

Our methodologies blend top-down and bottom-up approaches tailored to specific market characteristics. Top-down starts with total market indicators and slices data into finer segments, while bottom-up builds estimates from micro-level drivers. We analyze supply-side factors like production and costs, as well as demand-side consumer data and adoption curves.

Advanced statistical techniques, AI, and machine learning are employed to crunch numbers and detect patterns. Models are stress-tested for variables like GDP impact, pricing pressures, and disruption scenarios. Assumptions are validated by industry specialists to reflect real-world dynamics.

The result is an objective, comprehensive view of addressable market potential, customer segmentation, future demand trajectories, and sensitivity risks – grounded in contextual industry know-how. Our obsessive approach delivers robust, decision-grade insights that power our clients' strategies.

What does a market sizing and forecasting service include?

When you engage Consainsights for market sizing and forecasting, you get a comprehensive, end-to-end solution tailored to your specific needs. Here's a quick walkthrough of what's typically included:

Discovery & Scoping

We kick things off by immersing ourselves in your business context. What markets are you evaluating? What are your key strategic questions? What level of granularity do you require? Through an in-depth discovery session, we align on the precise objectives, requirements, and scope of the engagement.

Market Mapping

With the foundation set, our analysts construct a detailed market mapping - a comprehensive visualization of your ecosystem spanning products/services, customer segments, geographic footprints, channels, substitutes, and adjacent markets. This mapping guides our sizing and forecasting models.

Data Mining

Now we dive into intensive data gathering from our arsenal of premium sources - proprietary databases, industry reports, customer research, expert interviews, you name it. Our global data team cross-validates inputs to build robust, multi-dimensional datasets.

Quantification Modeling

This is where the number-crunching happens. Using proven methodologies like regression analysis, our quants size current and prospective demand based on market drivers and leading indicators. We forecast future growth trajectories through AI-powered simulations.

Competitive Landscaping

In parallel, we conduct an in-depth study of competitor positioning, go-to-market strategies, market share dynamics, and future vendor scenarios. Both demand and supply-side perspectives are covered.

Scenario Planning

All models are stress-tested against real-world disruption scenarios - economic volatility, new regulations, technology shifts, etc. We vary assumption sets and unearth potential upsides and risks across probable future states.

Insights Delivery

The research phase culminates in a comprehensive insights package tailored for strategic consumption. This includes data-driven reports, visualizations, expert presentations, and consultative involvement from our senior analysts.

Continuous Support

Our engagement doesn't end with project delivery. You get direct access to your project team for continued guidance, analysis refinement, and strategic dialogue as you navigate your market opportunities.

Market Sizing and Forecasting Services

Accurate market sizing analysis assists you in determining your target market's growth potential and long-term profitability

Our team ar Consainsights is skilled at estimating the size of any target market and assisting you in defining your strategies for launching a new product or scaling your existing services. We create quantitative models to help clients estimate the size and growth of markets, using methods such as the 'Delphic' technic to check numbers and assumptions with industry experts. All data is sourced, and assumptions are explained.

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Understand Markets

Gain insights through accurate data.

Identify Opportunities

Spot the next big thing.

Forecast Market Growth

Plan for the future with confidence.

How Consainsight's Market Sizing And Forecast Services Can Help You

  • Understand markets through our accurate market size database
  • Seek investment opportunities to scale your business operations
  • Develop a robust marketing and business strategy
  • Understand a market’s growth trajectory and plan financials better
  • Identify the product segments that should be focused on
  • Spot distribution channels that will be most effective

Why choose Consainsights for forecasting the target market size and market share?

1. Industry Immersion

We're not parachuting consultants - our analysts live and breathe your industry. Through years of specialization, we've cultivated deep domain expertise across multiple sectors. We understand the intricate dynamics, regulatory landscapes, buyer behaviors, and competitive forces intimately shaping your markets. This real-world context grounds our models in pragmatic, operationally relevant insights.

2. Hybrid Intelligence

At Consainsights, we blend best-in-class tools with human ingenuity. Our quantitative forecasting harnesses cutting-edge technology like AI/ML, conjoint analysis, discrete choice modeling, and sales prediction engines. But we pair this computational horsepower with qualitative inputs from Ph.D. analysts and industry experts who pressure-test assumptions. This hybrid approach future-proofs forecasts against real-world variables.

3. Multidimensional Forecasts

We don't just forecast total addressable market size in a vacuum. Our models dissect markets across multiple dimensions based on your planning needs - geographic regions, product lines, buyer segments, channels, and more. Having this granular multi-lens view allows you to formulate targeted growth strategies and operational plans.

3. Multidimensional Forecasts

We don't just forecast total addressable market size in a vacuum. Our models dissect markets across multiple dimensions based on your planning needs - geographic regions, product lines, buyer segments, channels, and more. Having this granular multi-lens view allows you to formulate targeted growth strategies and operational plans.

4. Disruption Simulations

The only constant is change. Our forecasting accounts for potential market discontinuities by simulating impacts from PEST factors like new regulations, technology shifts, economic volatility, and consumption patterns. We map out best/worst-case scenarios so you can plan contingencies against black swan events.

5. Collaborative Partnership

We engage as a strategic partner, not just another consulting vendor. Through an immersive discovery process, we internalize your unique forecasting needs from all stakeholder perspectives. Our client teams remain integrated within your planning cycles, iterating forecasts and recommendations as situations evolve.

6. Precedent Experience

For over two decades, market leaders across industries have trusted Consainsights with their most critical forecasting initiatives. Our battle-tested frameworks, processes, and expertise deliver foresight that has consistently generated millions in value for our clients' businesses. At Consainsights, we obsess over forecast precision through multidimensional modeling, disruption simulations, and rich industry context. With us as your partner, you can navigate marketplace dynamics and opportunities with clarity and confidence.